Welcome to Insane-o-Rama.com! We are a New York based horror film company that produced the modern vampire tale "Strange Things Happen at Sundown" in 2003. Click on the "Strange Things" box cover below to read all about it, see vidcaps, behind the scenes photos, video clips and more! We completed a zombie epic in early 2007. The original title was "Last Rites" then became "Last Rites of the Dead" and finally has evolved into "Zombies Anonymous". The "Zombies Anonymous" site is still the "Last Rites of the Dead" site, but the webmistress is hard at work changing everything over. There are still some behind the scenes photos to share with the world. Click on the brand new box art to check them out!
all the IOR news fit to print!
Updated 5/21/08 - More ZA press and fun stuff, plus a call for pictures!

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